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Germany, Turkey, Croatia and Romania have visited Mollet for the first time! IES Aiguaviva has felt proud about hosting both teachers and students to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

The Spanish Erasmus Coordinator along with the English teachers have planned a week to work on the different issues the project is dealing with: the role of young people in the EU and ways for listening they voices about common problems all they are worried about, no matter which country. To do so, students have worked really hard to present their videos in the high-school in front of the rest of the guests.

To welcome our guests, they have been invited to the Council to celebrate their stay by the different members of the Ajuntament de Mollet. The very Mayor has addressed an speech to them emphasizing on the importance of Erasmus programs in order to improve citizens relationships in the EU.

Barcelona has many landmarks to show in order to explain Catalan culture. Some places like la Sagrada família or el Parc Güell, both Known world-wide for being the greatest exponents of Art Nouveau, have been important locations to visit and introduce to our visitors.

A great amount of Spanish students participated in the school trips, taking care of the needs and requirements Erasmus students may have had. They also prepared a great meal with the most common dishes in the area.

Finally, the seven days passed by. Farewell all of you!

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