Digital Director

The last mobility came….Romania, April 2023. The Digital Director Project came to an end with the last mobility to the capital of the country: Bucharest. The last 6 students from 1st Baccalaureate would be spending seven days to know about Romanian culture, language, traditions and to share common values in the EU. Romanian families hosted Spanish students by taking care of them and making sure they felt comfortable like family members.

Bucharest was an amazing surprise and all were delighted with the history of the city and the changes the country has been through along recent decades.

All students from the different countries held a debate on common threats the UE is facing at the moment. Students could give their opinion by giving their own perspective. Despite having different backgrounds the Turkish, The Croatian, the Romanian and the Spanish realised that all have the same perception about the problems and the solutions European people must face and give respectively.

Thanks to Romania for this unforgettable experience!

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